Nonprofit Networking Night

Hosted by the UCLA Volunteer Center, Community Service Commission, and Student Affairs, Nonprofit Networking Night is an opportunity for nonprofit organizations to speak to qualified UCLA students regarding full-time, part-time, career and/or internship opportunities.

This networking event is designed to connect UCLA students and young alumni with non-profit career professionals who share similar career aspirations. Students who are interested in learning more about or are looking for opportunities (e.g. jobs, internships, etc.) can gain valuable insight about a wide variety of positions and organizations in the community. This program provides students with information about ways to get involved outside of and after graduating UCLA. Students are encouraged to think more about their post-graduation goals, allowing them to continue with their academic careers with more focus and intention.

Participating organizations in the past have represented the fields of education, environment, family & children, health, homelessness/poverty, international, public policy/legal, and disability services.

Nonprofit Networking Night 2024 was an in-person event on Thursday, February 8 from 5pm - 8pm PST at the Grand Ackerman Ballroom inside Ackerman Union.

Please see below for a few organizations that attended: