Student Organizations and Service

Connect with volunteer-focused student groups on campus and find ways to serve the community along with other Bruins!

Student Organizations

ACM Logo ACM Teach LA

Pair up with schools in Los Angeles as a UCLA student to provide free CS classes

Autism Advocacy at UCLA Logo Autism Advocacy at UCLA

Learn how you are able to make a difference and be a voice for autism community in the Los Angeles area through fundraising events and volunteering

Be Green Bruin Logo Be Green Bruin

Explore the opportunity to build a community around locally sourced food by partaking in gardening at UCLA, volunteering at the local farmer's market, community gardens, LA compost, and other organizations related to food sustainability.

Be The Match Logo Be The Match On Campus at UCLA

Be The Match is a global leader in bone marrow transplantation and connects patients with their donor match

Brain Exercise Initiative Logo Brain Exercise Initiative

Focused on preventing memory loss through brain exercise, an intergenerational nonprofit in which university students would hold brain exercise programs at retirement homes.

Bruin Animal Rescue Coalition Logo Bruin Animal Rescue Coalition

Seeking to raise awareness for and improve the welfare of shelter animals by educating our community about the challenges these animals face. We take action by volunteering with various Los Angeles non-profits to combat issues like overpopulation and stigmatization.

Bruin Dine Logo Bruin Dine

Bridge the gap between food waste and food insecurity by recovering hot food from UCLA's dining halls and serving it to students and staff in need

Bruins for Accessible Education Logo Bruins for Accessible Education

Aims to provide weekly one-on-one STEM tutoring and mentorship to K-12 youth experiencing homelessness through partnerships with local Los Angeles shelters; Organization of group events such as engineering, coding, or medical workshops, science fairs, and campus tours.

Bruins for Accessible Resources Logo Bruins for Accessible Resources

Provide food, clothing, and health and hygiene services to individuals who are in need. With the help of community partners and volunteers, BAR has been successful in distributing food and clothing items.

Cards for Courage at UCLA Logo Cards for Courage at UCLA

Support patients and healthcare workers with artistic expressions and uplifting words from our communities by hand-crafting cards of support for hospital patients.

Days for Girls at UCLA Logo Days for Girls at UCLA

Days for Girls at UCLA partners monthly with the Los Angeles Chapter of DfG to hand make menstrual kits as well as educate the public and the UCLA community about health discrepancies, stigmatization, and discrimination with regard to menstruation all over the world

Ecological Restoration Association at UCLA Logo Ecological Restoration Association at UCLA

Get involved to work on restoring degraded ecosystems in the community and learn about the significance of conservation biology and citizen science

Enriching Community Health Outreach at UCLA Logo Enriching Community Health Outreach at UCLA

Aiming to achieve health equity for underserved populations, with a focus in Los Angeles. Seek to volunteer in the community to learn more about health disparities in underserved communities and educate the different communities about them

Exploring Your Universe Logo Exploring Your Universe at UCLA

Organization that produces an annual K-12 science fair event at UCLA each year on the first Sunday in November; Organize and host hundreds of volunteers to promote science and free education to the public

Good Clothes Good People Logo Good Clothes Good People

A nonprofit organization that aims to provide free clothing, hygiene products, and school supplies to students and others in need

Heart in Hand LA (HiHLA) Logo Heart in Hand LA (HiHLA)

Aims to provide the homeless, the undocumented, and ethnic minorities with homemade masks, hygiene packages, clean clothes, and food, in addition to our goal of connecting them with health and social work-related resources

Hugs in a Blanket Team photo Hugs in a Blanket

Our mission is to show love and care to people in need by making and donating fleece blankets. We will donate to organizations that help those who are sick/disadvantaged such as hospitals and homeless shelters.

Humans of Westwood Logo Humans of Westwood

Our initiative is to not only provide physical and professional resources for those in need but also challenge the stigma surrounding homelessness. Members will engage in active community service to collect and distribute (when safe) basic necessities for the underprivileged.

Hunger Project at ULCA Logo Hunger Project at UCLA

Hosts regular volunteer sites throughout the quarter that provide our members with hands-on experience in giving back to these underserved populations while also taking initiative in helping them reintegrate back into society.

Little Librarians Logo Little Librarians

A student organization dedicated to bringing the joy of reading and STEM to kids in underserved areas in Los Angeles communities. We combine literacy with engaging STEM experiments to spark an early interest in both reading and science.

Ocean Resources for Conservation and Advocacy Logo Ocean Resources for Conservation and Advocacy (ORCA) at UCLA

Provides opportunities for students interested in the marine world to dedicate themselves to actively promoting conversations on ocean conservation and justice

One Tree Planted at UCLA Logo One Tree Planted at UCLA

An institutional branch of its parent organization, One Tree Planted at UCLA’s mission is to reforest Los Angeles by planting trees in communities devastated by recent fires and the effects of a changing climate.

Rotaract Club at UCLA Logo Rotaract Club at UCLA

Provide an opportunity for college students to enhance the knowledge and skills, to address the physical and social needs of their communities and to promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service

Swipe Out Hunger Logo Swipe Out Hunger

Uses a holistic approach to the abolition of student food insecurity, so the club also gleans from local farmers markets to get fresh produce for students, has large-scale food-making events to raise awareness, cooks meals at women's' and veterans' shelters, and actively takes part in food justice and food activism on and off UCLA's campus.

More Organizations

American Cancer Society On Campus Picture American Cancer Society On Campus

American Cancer Society On Campus (ACS) is a collegiate branch of the American Cancer Society that brings the fight against cancer directly to college students by planning Relay for Life at UCLA, encouraging education, inspiring advocacy, and celebrating survivorship

American Red Cross at UCLA American Red Cross at UCLA

The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization, which empowers people to help their community by equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare and respond to emergencies.

Amigos de UCLA Logo Amigos de UCLA

Amigos de UCLA reaches out to students at Pio Pico Middle School in Mid-City Los Angeles and encourages them to pursue higher education by serving as mentors and tutors. We also promote culture, arts, and science through carefully designed craft projects and hands-on activities, as well as quarterly field trips.

Aspire, Learn, Mentor, Achieve (ALMA) Science Academy de UCLA Logo Aspire, Learn, Mentor, Achieve (ALMA) Science Academy de UCLA

ALMA Science Academy focuses on hands-on activities, interactive presentations, and mentorship to support youth in underrepresented communities on their journey to achieve higher education and ultimately pursue their interest in STEM careers.

Bruins Without Borders Logo Bruins Without Borders

Work with the underprivileged population ranging from homeless individuals to post-penitentiary personnel by going out and providing clothes and blankets to holding classes directed at preparing for the GED.

Building Engineers and Mentors at UCLA (BEAM) Logo Building Engineers and Mentors at UCLA (BEAM)

Building Engineers and Mentors (BEAM) at UCLA was created to provide K-12 students across the Los Angeles area with engaging, hands-on activities that promote interest in science, technology, engineering and math.

Confections for a Cause Logo Confections for a Cause

Confections for a Cause is a social baking club with a focus on fundraising for charity. We were recently founded over quarantine and are excited to start conducting in-person workshops now that campus is open. Our club is open to students of all skill levels and is flexible in terms of time commitment

Engineers Without Borders Logo Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders is an organization of student and professional engineers who partner with disadvantaged communities to improve their lifestyle and living standards through the design and implementation of economically sound, responsible, and sustainable engineering solutions.

Foundation of International Medical Relief of Children Logo Foundation of International Medical Relief of Children

The Foundation of International Medical Relief of Children is dedicated to improving access to healthcare for families around the world through the implementation of innovative and self-sustaining health programs.

GerofitAtUCLA Logo Gerofit At UCLA

Gerofit is a supervised exercise program for older Veterans where students work with older veterans exercise, working with kinesiologists, doctors, and physiologists to improve older Veteran health.

Heartstringz @ UCLA Logo Heartstringz @ UCLA

Heartstringz is dedicated to providing ukuleles and musical instruction to hospitalized children and senior citizens, as well as the necessary ukulele training for its volunteers.

The HAND logo consists of a yellow circle with a gradient blue blob in the center. Over the blob is a yellow lightbulb with the top part depicting a pink brain with blue dots. Below the lightbulb in white text reads "HAND" with "AT UCLA" written underneath in smaller black text. High-tech and Neurological Disorders (HAND) at UCLA

High-tech and Neurological Disorders (HAND) at UCLA works to increase awareness and education of neurological diseases, including movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. We are composed of three committees: Education, Outreach, and Public Relations. We collaborate with medical and industry professionals at the UCLA Movement Disorders Clinic and Parkinson's Community Los Angeles to learn more about treatment options and research opportunities related to neurological diseases.

MedReach Logo MedReach

MedReach is a volunteer outreach organization that aims to provide mentorship to high school students interested in pursuing careers in healthcare.

Project SPELL at UCLA Logo Project SPELL at UCLA

The purpose of Project SPELL is to prepare and deliver effective lessons that help UCLA service employees develop and strengthen communicative skills and competence for application in the workplace and beyond.

Spare a Pair Logo Spare a Pair

Spare a Pair is a volunteer organization dedicated to providing Los Angeles' homeless population with new socks and new or gently used sneakers.

Special Olympics at UCLA Logo Special Olympics at UCLA

Provide athletic training and social opportunities for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. We encourage people of all abilities to discover new strengths and friendships through sports.

Students for STEM Logo Students for STEM

The purpose of the Students for STEM program is to provide tutoring services to disadvantaged students in STEM subjects.

SWC BruiNecessities logo SWC BruiNecessities

BruiNecessities looks to support UCLA students by raising awareness to the lack of basic resources available on campus, and seeks to fill these gaps, by working with different entities on campus to bring programs and services to students.

Club Sampling Club at UCLA Logo Club Sampling Club

The Club Sampling Club offers members the opportunity to “sample” clubs by attending collaborative introductory events throughout the year. This allows students to experience the vast amount of diverse clubs at UCLA without the commitment that is typically required of them. Members can broaden their skill set, network with other students, and enhance their overall Bruin experience.