Site Application

Do you know of a site in the greater Los Angeles area that would benefit from the service work of a group of UCLA volunteers?

Are you part of a UCLA organization that is already working at a school, shelter, or other community organization? Have you heard of a community partner in need of hands to improve a local area? This form is for UCLA students, staff, faculty, alumni, parents, departments, and community members to nominate sites for Volunteer Center projects, including One Bus, One Cause and Volunteer Day. We strongly recommend that you consult with your nominated site prior to filling out this form.

If you have a list of sites you would like to nominate, please feel free to email your nomination instead to

Site Requirements:

  • Site must be able to accommodate 50+ UCLA community members
  • All 50+ volunteers must have a full 3-4 hours worth of work to keep them busy and motivated during the entire project
  • A representative from the site must be available to give a welcome to the volunteers on the importance of this engagement

If your site doesn’t meet the requirements above, you can still suggest it to individual volunteers through the Add an Opportunity page, which links to our database of civic engagement opportunities.

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