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Saturday, April 28 – 9am-3pm – Vista Hermosa Park Vista Hermosa Natural Park is a beautiful par...

One Bus, One Cause: Next Stop – Vista Hermosa Park (Alumni Scholars)

April 28th, 2012
Saturday, April 28 – 9am-3pm – Vista Hermosa Park

Vista Hermosa Natural Park is a beautiful park in downtown LA, and serves as a major outdoor outlet in the center of a large urban area. It covers 10.5 acres, complete with wooded areas and hiking trails. Most importantly, it acts a giant watershed and plays a major role in providing irrigation and drinking water to all of LA. By helping to keep this park in good condition, volunteers will play an integral role in maintaining not only a beautiful park in the middle of LA, but maintaining the aquifer from which UCLA students get their drinking water.

Chip in for MulchFest at Vista Hermosa Park! Help mulch the park to make sure all the plants stay vibrant and healthy. Volunteers will carry bags of mulch, rake it, and enjoy toiling in the sun for an afternoon.

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