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Are you wondering how you can follow and/or participate in the UCLA Volunteer Day mobile campaign? G...

HOW TO: Follow UCLA Volunteer Day LIVE Online and Participate in our Mobile Campaign!

September 20th, 2011

Are you wondering how you can follow and/or participate in the UCLA Volunteer Day mobile campaign? Great! This article will tell you everything you need to know.

Watch Our UCLA Volunteer Day LIVE Map

Make sure you tune into our website tomorrow morning to watch all of the UCLA Volunteer Day activity LIVE as seen by our volunteers! Our map will be the first thing users will see when accessing our website tomorrow and will display all photo and video submissions by volunteers throughout the day at the corresponding site locations.

Submit Photos and Videos

For those of you with camera phones, submitting photos and videos is very easy! Just follow these steps in order to submit your content to our website throughout the day:

  1. Use your phone to capture photos and videos of the day

    Let everyone know how Volunteer Day is going by submitting fun Volunteer Day photos and showing off your best work. Here are some ideas: Group shots, individual shots, before/after shots, candid shots, action shots, etc.
  2. Email photos and videos to

    Send your photos and videos as attachments to Follow this format to tag your location. Use the keyword for your site in the email’s subject:

    tag: union
    Joe Bruin Painting

    Site tags include: angelus, arlington, baldwin, breed, cienega, crenshaw, emerson, food, gp, jordan, lab, lawrence, magnolia, pacoima, selma, sherman, sylvan, topanga, tree, ucla, uclacs, union, vaf, vas, vista, warren, weingart, will

    Learn more about your site and identify your site’s tag at Volunteer Day 2011.

  3. Receive a confirmation email

    You should receive a confirmation email letting you know that we’ve received your submission. If not, please go back and double-check that you’ve completed steps 1-2 correctly.
  4. Don’t have a phone that can capture or send photos/videos?

    Don’t worry — we still appreciate any footage you can collect during the day. Just upload them in the same format to and tag your location once you get to a computer. Although your photos will no longer be live, they will still show up in the appropriate locations on our website!

    Join the conversation

    We want you to share your experiences with us on Facebook, Twitter (@uclavolunteer and #uclavol), and Foursquare. Learn more about our social media campaign at: Volunteer Day Mobile.

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