Fostering UNITY

There is a black tree within an outline of a thin black triangle. In the right corner, there is an image of a woman holding hands with a child and reaching up to a gold leaf and heart under the tree. On the right side of the triangle outline, the words "Fostering UNITY" are written in gold.

Fostering UNITY serves the 22,000 children who are currently in the Los Angeles County Child Welfare System and the thousands of Caregivers who love them.

Fostering UNITY provides Caregivers and community service partners with a unique service delivery model offering real-time caregiver support, enhanced education, and resource navigation.​ It is not a service in and of itself but rather a collaboration of outstanding services to connect resources and help in real-time. Fostering UNITY improves outcomes for children in foster care through child-centered family strengthening programs, enhanced community partnerships, and intentional caregiver support.