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Service is one of the True Bruin Values, and now it's easier than ever to fulfill the standard!

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Code for the Mission

Track 3: Service

UCLA Volunteer promotes community engagement by making it easier than ever to access volunteer opportunies across Greater Los Angeles that have been submitted by UCLA community partners. In alignment with the True Bruin values, this app leverages today's technology to help philanthropists thrive.


By having a UCLA-validated database, the app provides a unique solution that is not available in the app market today. The UCLA Volunteer Center team validates every post, making sure that prospective UCLA volunteers engage with partners they can trust and have a connection to UCLA.

Usefulness & Impact

The app solves the problem of 1) easily finding local volunteer opporuntiies and 2) identifying UCLA-affiliated volunteer opportuntiies for end-users by pulling entries from the UCLA Volunteer Center's volunteer database. The solution's effectiveness and ease demonstrate potential to have a positive impact on providing innovative solutions in this content's service track.

Scalability/Dissemination strategy

The limitless potential of the Volunteer Center’s database and the wide range of volunteer interests will keep this app relevant for years to come. Dissemination of the app will be streamlined as the Center has a combined social media audience of 15,000. Collaborating with other UCLA campus partners should enhance future promotion of the app.


UCLA Volunteer was created by Taylor Parker, a third-year student at UCLA and Web Developer at the UCLA Volunteer Center and Kathleen Ly, Marketing Coordinator at the UCLA Volunteer Center. Taylor and Kathleen take pride in their digital work with the Center, which promotes civic engagement to the 400,000 members of the UCLA family and beyond.

It is the first time that this dynamic duo has collaborated for Code the Mission and it is also the Center's first time submitting an app for a competition. The team is excited to have the opportunity to showcase their talent to the UCLA body.

For Code for the Mission, Taylor served as the iOS Developer and Android Developer and Kathleen served as the Website Developer and Content Expert.

Taylor and Kathleen
UCLA Volunteer Center