UCLA Volunteer

Find your next volunteer opportunity with an app that's catered to the UCLA community.


At your convenience

The UCLA Volunteer Center compiles hundreds of opportunities submitted by local nonprofit organizations, community partners, and campus partners. The app makes it easy for prospective volunteers to find their next opportunity with filters based on interest and time.


Identify volunteer opportunities within a 2-mile radius with an interactive map.


Use the calendar to find single-day or ongoing opportunities that complement your schedule.
*Android only; iOS version coming soon

Trusted database

The volunteer database is reviewed by UCLA staff members.


Open the app to the most recent articles published by the UCLA Volunteer Center

How it Works


Open the app to the latest articles from the UCLA Volunteer Center.

Click on an article to expand it. Also, use the navigation below to start finding opportunities.

Filter by Location

Filters at the top help users find opporutnities based on distance. By default, the app finds the nearest volunteer opportunity to you. End-users can select the drop down menu to view opportunities that are further.

Filter by Interest

Use the filter at the top to view opportunities that exist up to a 25-mile range from the end-user.


Catered to busy bodies, the calendar features allows you to filter opportunities based on single and ongoing events.
*Android only; iOS version coming soon


Available now

Download the app today on your Android or Apple device.

This work is licensed under the MIT License.

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Install Instructions:

  1. Accept the download warning
  2. After the download, click on the file to open it
  3. If install is blocked due to security reasons, hit settings. Otherwise skip to step 7
  4. Scroll to find "Unknown Sources" under Security
  5. Switch the setting to "On"
  6. Keep "Allow this installation only" checked for future security and click OK
  7. Click INSTALL
  8. If you cannot click INSTALL, ensure you do not use a screen overlay app for dimming (ex. Twilight). If you do, pause that app then continue with these instructions
  9. When the app is done installing, hit DONE not OPEN
  10. Find the app in your device apps
  11. Enjoy!

If any issues occur during the use or installation of this app, please email Taylor Parker

Because of the nature of iOS, to download and test our app you will need to email Taylor Parker to gain access.