Project SPELL

Project SPELL, Students for Progress in Employee Language Learning, is a support service for UCLA employees who are non-native English speakers.


Project SPELL is now accepting applications for the incoming quarter. Applications are due Friday, October 6. Decisions will be sent out by Monday of Week 2 (October 9). For questions, please email Program Director Stephanie Youngblood at or the Project SPELL Student Committee at

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Introducing: Project SPELL

Frequently Asked Questions

keyboard_arrow_rightWhat can I do to make my application stand out?

Priority will go to students and recent grads with experience and or training in language teaching. Indicating language learning experience on your tutor application will also make you a more competitive candidate.

keyboard_arrow_rightCan I tutor with Project SPELL even if I don’t speak Spanish?

Definitely! Project SPELL learners speak a variety of first languages but our goal is to encourage each person to venture out of their comfort zone and speak more English.

keyboard_arrow_rightHow many hours do I have to commit when I join Project SPELL?

We promise every learner 16 hours of tutoring each quarter. We recommend tutors factor in an additional estimated 4-8 hours of lesson prep time per quarter. Also, tutors are required to attend an orientation, three mandatory workshops, and a program completion party.

keyboard_arrow_rightHow many learners will I tutor?

You will be matched with one learner. By working with the same learner throughout the quarter, you can accommodate your learner’s needs and goals with more understanding. Also, you will gain greater satisfaction as you watch your learner progress and grow throughout the quarter.

keyboard_arrow_rightHow do I know if I’m tutoring my learner in the right way?

Since tutors are asked to personalize tutoring to fit their learner’s needs, teaching approaches vary. Return tutors address this issue in the workshops through discussion and past experiences.

keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is a typical tutoring session like in SPELL?

With Project SPELL, you’ll find that there is no mandatory curriculum to follow. Instead, we provide you with a strong support system to guide you through your tutoring sessions. Since our learners range in level and ability, tutors typically get to know their learners individually and work together to improve their learner’s skills.

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